The ninth faculty on the BME

The State Secretery for Education of the Ministry of Human Resources, drafted in 2014 the aim of bringing university research and development activities closer to the needs of companies. For this purpose, the Center for University-Industry Cooperation was developed. In 2017 the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Siemens, Richter Gedeon, Nokia Solutions and Networks, and MVM (Hungarian Electrical), established a consortium to strengthen the relations between the university and the industry.

The Centre received a grant of HUF 3,96 billion support for the work within the framework of FIEK_16-1-2016-007 from The National Research, Development and Innovation Office.

The Center for University-Industry Cooperation organises, coordinates and strengthens the innovation-related activities of the University, which contributes significantly to the completion of the institution’s activities. In the legal framework of the university, it creates the possibility to consistently address the different areas of the relationship between the industry and the university, which have been separately managed, along a long-term strategy: 

  • Research and Development,
  • Knowledge transfer,
  • Intellectual Property Management,
  • Incubation,
  • Partner Network Development,
  • International relations

The BRIDGE of the university innovation Ecosystem, which is also known as the BME KFI (Research, Development, Innovation) office, will support the building and efficient operation of a result-oriented academic innovation ecosystem.

The Budapest Technical University.With its operation, the business exploitation of research and development results at the university, with an evolving entrepreneurial perspective among educators, researchers and students, will become the management of technology transfer and innovation at institutional level.

Our services:

  • To assess relevant capacities,
  • Create database tenders,
  • Mapping external financing,
  • Corporate relations building partnerships (large companies, SMEs, Startups, Chambers and industry forums)
  • Proof of Concept projects to promote incubation activities, participation in international KFI networks
  • Organising thematic events, bringing values to the surface

The project aims to exploit the results of research, development and innovation in cooperation between Pharmaceutical industry, energy and ICT fields. It is based on the university’s intellectual resources and laboratory infrastructure. In the FIEK program there are four major industrial companies – Siemens Zrt., Richter Gedeon Nyrt., Nokia Solutions and Networks Kft. And the Hungarian electrical Works Zrt. – In addition to the university.
The FIEK will provide the part of the work that does not strictly belong to the professional-technical field: professional harmonisation, administration, search for resources and relationships, market, marketing, business consultations, helps in one Direction Research and development competence in the university. Professional needs determine who participates in the cooperation, the University provides the market with R & D competence and capacity.

The project is useful to everyone: The researchers are engaging in exciting tasks, firms receive innovative solutions to their problems, students can get an interesting thesis, and teachers can participate in high-quality projects that provide practical Education.

  • Laboratory Infrastructure: 5 FIEK Laboratories serving the R & D needs of companies
    • Pharmatech pharmaceutical technology lab
    • Rolls-Royce powerlab
    • Smart power simulation lab
    • Micro-chp lab
    • Nokia ICT lab and 5G

In recent years, alongside the economic sectors, production processes have been conquered by networked, communicating and, in some cases, decision-making instruments: Industrial production has also begun a technological revolution. These changes are named Industry 4,0. The Industry 4.0 is a summary name for professionals, working in the field of economics, IT and industry.

The Industry 4.0 Technology Center (TK) is the gateway to small and medium-sized enterprises ( SMEs), which provides demonstration and development services, a professionally-established industry that generates 4.0 knowledge and presents to SMEs. A venue for thematic meetings and trainings, aimed at developing digitisation capabilities. It provides guidance on how to make development decisions, choosing the right technologies. Creates an up-to-date industrial problem map. It performs project generation, involving the entire community, responding to the project needs of SMEs: the whole ecosystem (industrial companies, SMEs, university labs, research groups and students), and the implementation of these opportunities.
For domestic SMEs to successfully apply for a supplier role in international corporations, it is a basic condition to be able to join digital technologies that are already part of their everyday practice. The higher the industry 4.0 maturity level has a supplier, the more likely it is to meet the expectations of multinational companies increasingly focusing on digitising production.